Monday, May 28, 2012

Something has changed 5-28

I am not sure what happened, whether I got mad enough or upset enough, or whatever enough, but I now do not crave any junk food and haven't for a whole 8 days.  Starting last Saturday (the 19th), I have eaten more healthy than I have in years.  I don't really understand what happened but I started craving SALADS!  Healthy ones!  So pretty much, every day since the 19th I have had at least 1 salad for one of my meals and I haven't eaten any junk food since then either.  I only want to eat healthy and nothing else. It is a very strange feeling and maybe I am possessed now or something.  Even yesterday, when I went to the movies with the girls, they got ice cream and I DIDN'T!  I wasn't even wanting an ice cream so that was definitely a good thing.  I was really surprise at this too.  I am happy about this though, I really am.

I am getting tired now.  It is almost bed time.  I had to get up early for one of my lessons.  I didn't mind because I would rather get up early for a lesson than to miss one.

I hope this trend of eating healthy keeps up.  So far, it has been easy and interesting.  I know I have been trying to eat healthy for over a year now, but it is so weird how this is happening.