Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I have done pretty okay with food these last few days.  I am eating more fruit during the day, trying not to eat it close to bedtime.  I have had Chipotle a lot in the last few weeks.  I usually get a Burrito Bowl with lots of rice, onions and peppers, carnitas, tomato salsa, and a bit of cheese.  I also usually buy some chips too for the next few days.  I had Chipotle Burrito Bowl tonight too.  I really like Mexican food.  I don't go to Taco Bell very often because I have been going to Chipotle.  I don't go to Tim Horton's much anymore either as I am trying to eat more at home as I eat healthier at home than when I am out.  I have breakfast and lunch food at the house now.  This weekend will be the big monthly grocery shopping.  I don't know what all I will need as I have a lot of food in the house, but I will go through the freezer and cupboards and make my decisions.  I do need milk though.  I am almost out of it.  I am trying to drink a glass of milk a day since it is very healthy for me.  So far, I am not doing as well with the exercise aspect of my new lifestyle.  I am working on improving on that part of my life.  I do like the Elliptical Machine a lot.  I don't feel like I am wobbily on it at all.  I also like my Richard Simmons Workout DVD.  I just need to remember to do this better before I go to bed as for me, that is the best time to exercise.  If I exercise too early in the day, I am even more exhausted than I usually am.  With this new exhaustion, I have to be very careful of when I exercise.


Friday, June 24, 2011


I went to my brother's graduation yesterday.  I did pretty well for the dinner we went to after.  I cut my steak in half and brought half home for tonight.  I was so full that I barely ate the baked potato though.  I did eat all the asparagus last night, all 2 pieces.  Yes, there were 2 pieces of asparagus and 2 pieces of red pepper and that was eat for the vegetables.  A little on the lean side I thought.  Wow.  I love asparagus.  I am going to try to get some when I go shopping next month for groceries.  Fresh asparagus is so wonderful.

I finished the steak and the potato for dinner tonight.  I was so full that I didn't have room for anything else.  I found my food mover from Richard Simmons program.  I am hopefully going to be remember to using it everyday all day to help me eat properly.  I found it this morning as I was putting a book on the book pile.  I thought that was about where it was, but I wasn't sure.

I am doing better eating more fruit too.  I love fruit, I just don't always make good choices when I want something sweet, but since I don't have any cookies in the house, fruit is my first choice.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Grocery Shopping Trip

I went to the grocery store today.  After reading a comment from my friend, Karen, I realized how right she is.  I have a tendency to eat a bar and then skip the rest of the meal.  I don't get hungry sometimes so I forget to eat, which is a bad habit or I end up eating one meal a day with a snack either early or later after the meal.  I bought plums, bananas, and grapes.  I have a sweet tooth at times too so the fruit will be perfect.  I will take her advise and not eat fruit at night.  I don't need it to turn to more sugar and get fatter.  I also found in the freezer skinless chicken breasts as well as some veggies that I forgot I had because I bought them a while ago.  I bought milk and cereal too so I will have that with fruit for brunch now.  I didn't buy any pop because I am trying to cut back and when I have it here in the house, I can sometimes drink more pop than water.  I am trying to drink more water.  I don't mind water.  I actually like the taste of water so I don't need any of the other type water that has flavors.  I just know that if I have a choice between water and pop, I generally pick the pop out of habit.  I am trying to break that habit.  I have a lot of bad habits that I need to break.

Today I had chipotle for dinner again.  I love their rice.  I need to learn how to make it so that I can make it at home.  I am going to be working on expanding my recipes and relearning how to cook this summer. I need a part for my grill and then it will be going again.  I love my faberware grill.  I also have a foreman grill that I love.  I also will be getting some fish next month when I go grocery shopping, I didn't have enough money today but I have plenty of chicken and roasts for the rest of the month.  Karen really got me thinking about how little I actually eat some days and how that can lead to weight gain.  Thank goodness for good friends to remind me of stuff like that.

I had a really good day and I am looking forward to eating better tomorrow with the start of brunch.


Monday, June 20, 2011


I had an okay day.  I had a special K protein bar for brunch.  I do go and get a diet coke to drink but I didn't get any fast food so I am very happy about that.  For dinner I had 2 lean pockets Pizza type.  It was yummy and they were the lean pockets not the regular so they are healthier for me.

I didn't do any exercise today.  I am feeling very weak and tired today.  I am not sure why but I am.  I am just very exhausted today.

I hope tomorrow is a better day.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

I oopsed yesterday

I wrote a post and posted it on the wrong blog.  It went on my Life and Fibromyalgia blog.  Whoops!  Oh Well, what can I say?  Everyone makes mistakes.

I have been so exhausted today that I haven't made the menu for the week.  I went and did my few errands.  I needed some Tylenol PM and music for the new student.  Then I came home, ate lunch, and got on the computer.  Then I took a nap.  I am still a bit tired so I am hoping for a better night sleep.

It will be a nice and busy week for a change.  I have 3 new students this week and my brother's graduation.    I am happy about that.  I now will have 13 regular weekly students.  That is a nice change!  I will work a bit on the menu tonight and finish it up tomorrow.

I hope you have a good day.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I had a quiet day today.  Not too much going on.  I talked to Kathy briefly, she is super busy right now.  I also talked to Georgette and Donna.  So, I suppose, I had a talkative afternoon but now it is quiet.  I don't mind.  I finished up the Anne of Windy Poplars (again!) and started Anne's House of Dreams.  I love these books.  They are so good.

For brunch I had a special K bar, I didn't feel like having cereal and don't have the money to go to anywhere else plus I am trying to eat at home more than I do.  For dinner I had a bit of roast beef and corn with a glass of milk.  I am tired now.  I had an okay sleep last night, which was nice but now I am a bit tired.  Since I am getting up earlier than usual tomorrow, I am going to go to bed a bit early tonight.  I am not feeling too well tonight for some reason.  I hope I am not coming done with a cold.  I just don't want or need one.  I hope am wrong and that it is just a passing thing.

Tomorrow will be a fun day.  I will be going out with my friend, Donna for a few hours in the afternoon.  I am looking forward to it.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 2

I had my blood test and then I went to Tim Horton's.  I used to go everyday when Momma was here.  I also used to get a donut everyday too.  I never used too and then one day I started too and didn't stop.  I don't know what possessed me to get into that habit, but I did.  This is the 2nd day that I did NOT get a donut.  I got a medium pop, which is smaller than I used to.  Next time I will get a small.  I got 2 bagels toasted with NO butter, which is also a departure from what I used to do.  One time they accidentally toasted it with butter and I was hooked.  I actually like the way they taste plain too and actually it is less messy with a better taste.  I remembered that when I went.  I am not sure about dinner but it will be some meat, vegetable, and maybe a potato depending on how hungry I am.  I am not really that hungry right now, so I don't know.  I have not exercised today.  I also forgot to last night before I went to bed because I was so angry at the phone message I received.  Some people are filled with a lot of nerve, that is for sure.  I am not checking messages if that person calls again tonight.  I do hope they don't.  they just don't understand I am not interested.

Anyways, it is a good day so far.  I don't know how Kathy is doing today.  It is too late to call her and find out as she would be getting ready for work by now not to mention feeding the family.  I will talk to her tomorrow instead!  I have one lesson left for the evening then I will just relax and watch some TV before exercising and going to bed.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The beginning

Today is the start of a new lifestyle for me.  I am going to really work on eating right and exercising more.  I can't do a whole lot of exercising right now, but I can do a few minutes so that is what I will do.  I will do what i can a bit everyday and then it has to add up eventually right?  The doctor says to focus on exercise every other day so that the muscles have a chance to repair themselves with a day in between so that is what I am going to do.  With the Fibro, exercise can get tricky.  Yes, it is a vital part of learning to live with fibro, but over doing it would set me back so far that it would take so long to get back to what I can do.  I can do better with food.  That is one of my downfalls now.  It really is.  I like to get out of the house everyday so I find myself going to get lunch when I am out.  Well, no more or at least not so much and it will be planned from now on.  I use my planner for everything else, why not for this too?  So tonight's dinner will be chicken, veggies, and yummy fresh blue berries for dessert!  I love blue berries and am thrilled that it is finally in season for them (somewhat in season anyway)  I also have yummy red potato for dinner too as I bought a bunch of them.  I have a lovely George Foreman grill that I can use.  I have a farbarware grill to but it needs a piece before I can use it.  I love using that too.  I have nice seasons that I can use to season the chicken with.  For brunches I have yogurt and cereal so I won't need to go out.  I actually don't go and get the food for the need of the food, it is to just get out of the house.  From now on, when I need to get out of the house, I will take a book and go and get a pop.  That really is all I want from the restaurants anyways, I just add the food for the convenience.  Not a good habit I am in and it will take strength to get out of it.  But with Kathy and my friend's help, I can do this.  I did good today as I went to Tim Horton's to meet Robin for lunch and I didn't get a donut!!!  nope, I got good soup and a healthy sandwich with a smaller than usual size pop.  I did very well!  I got a medium pop so that I won't overload on the caffeine like I often do.  It is something that I will be working on day to day.  I will lose the unwanted pounds that I have.

Yesterday, at the arthritis doctor she asked me if I had considered getting something drastic done for my weight.  I had considered surgery but because of the blood disorder, I am not a good candidate for it.  Part of me was relieved that I am not and part of me was not.  Either way, with surgery or not, you have to eat sensibly, so I will just begin to eat sensibly!  I have wonderful DVDs for exercise when I get to the point I can do them.  Right now I will use the awesome Elliptical machine I have.  It is the only exercise equipment I will keep in the family room, the rest will be sold or donated.  I like the Elliptical machine so that is the one I will keep.  After dinner, before bed I will go and do a few minutes of it.  I also am hopeful that by using the machine before bed, I will tire myself out and it will help me sleep.  That is my goal.  Maybe by exercising before bed will help me sleep better.  I can only try!  I have not set an actual pound amount I want to lose by a certain date, I feel that will set me up for failure if I don't lose as fast as I think I should.  I have a lot of weight to lose so I am just going to be happy with any amount at any time that I lose.  For me, I feel this would be less stress and help me stay on track better.  I have done the other way with so many diets before, that they have completely failed making me feel like a failure and depressing me so I am not going to be weighing myself continuously like before.  I am going to take my time and just work on eating sensibly and adding in the exercise.  This is day 1.  I am feeling very positive about this!


Monday, June 13, 2011

The First Post!

Welcome to our blog.  Kathy and I have been friends for almost our entire lives!  We are embarking on a journey to living healthier lives.  We both have decided now is the time for us to eat healthier and lose the extra weight.  It is a definite journey.

So welcome to our journey!!!!!