Sunday, April 22, 2012

A long time 4-22

It has been so long since I wrote in this blog.  Much has happened.  I was diagnosed with an ulcer, while that is not earth shattering, it certainly is an eye opener.  I also was weighed.  Oh my.  I am 2 pounds away from the scariest number EVER to me so obviously, I am not doing to well.  I am working on menus that are healthy and yummy and I plan to check out emeals to see what they are all about.  Because of the ulcer I will have to change my lunch habits, which in the long run will be much healthier for me.  I hope to have a handle of my weight by the beginning of summer.  On to cooking better and healthier meals for me!


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  1. Hang in there Heather. When your feeling down go eat an apple or a pear. Drink a big ol glass of water too. You can do it.