Friday, September 16, 2011

September Already?

Wow, it is September already.  That is very hard to believe.  I can't say I am doing super good with eating more healthy, nor can I say I am doing bad.  It all depends on the day.  Some days I rock, others I don't.  With winter coming, I am trying to focus on cleaning up and organizing the family room so that I can exercise downstairs on the elliptical.  The other exercise equipment will be donated, but I am keeping that one.  I haven't done it in a few weeks.  Partly because some days I have been so tired I couldn't and the others because I forgot.  Yeah, not good.  I am hoping with the schedule becoming more and more stable, that I will have better time management this fall.  It has been cooler these last couple of weeks.  Labor Day weekend went from near 100 degrees on Saturday to low 70s on Sunday.  This week also went from mid 80s on Tuesday to high 60s on Wednesday.  I naturally, have a cold from the major changes.  This happens a lot during the fall and winter.  I do hope this stays a mild cold and doesn't get worse.  We shall see.  I have been resting most of the day and I foresee after Beth's lesson going back to bed.


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  1. I think it is a great idea to have our equipment out where you see it so you don't forget. Plus if company sees it - it will for sure not be covered with clothes and books! :)
    Keep positive - Maybe try an additional approach. One rule. Nothing white. No white sugar, no white flour. no white pasta. brown, whole wheat or not at all. Maybe that will be a little easier...try different things.
    You know I have heard a TON of people having great success with the new Weight Watchers On-Line. You might check it out.
    Have a great Sunday!