Saturday, December 3, 2011

this month shall be much better

I will be eating here at home much more this month.  Why?  How do I KNOW I will?  I have tried in the past and didn't get too far.  Well, I will have NO choice but to eat here at home.  I have to pay a big payment for the property taxes and going to get lunch everyday is just not going to be in the budget.  It just won't be.  December is a tight month because of the holidays (more absences than usual) so I will be very careful with the money so that means I will eat healthier because I will NOT be able to fast food eat.  I think after a month of eating more at home, I should be more in the habit so that will be the goal.  I am excited about the property taxes bill going down.  I just have to be strong to finish the rest.

Anyways, tomorrow is the Christmas Concert.  Tillie, Michelle, and my uncle John will be coming to watch.  I have cleared the table and put on the Christmas tablecloth on it.  the funny thing?  I had already bought one just like it!  I will return it this week.  Silly me!!!

I am excited about having soup for lunch tomorrow.  I love soup!!!


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