Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Goal for Thanksgiving Dinners

Yes, dinners.  I am spending Thanksgiving Day with my friend, Jennie and her family at her mother's house and then on Saturday, I get Kathy!  I will be spending the day with Kathy and having another Thanksgiving Dinner at her parents' house.  Kathy and I will be going to see "Breaking Dawn" on Saturday too.  I am excited about that.

My goals are to eat balanced meals and not too much either.  I am bringing rolls to Jennie's house for my dish to pass.  I bought them today.  I bough 48 because there will be 24 people and they come in bunches of 24 so I got 2 bags.  We all can take the left overs home.  I know I can eat a balanced meal and not too much sweets too.  That is my goal!  Happy Thanksgiving!!



  1. Grab a smaller plate to eat off of too, that will help you keep your portions down. Good luck and enjoy. I know you can do it.

  2. I over did it this Thanksgiving. Note to self, extra apple pie in the fridge is not a good idea :) It was a beautiful day and time to celebrate.

    Thanks for splashing around with me. I am thankful for friends as well.

    Be blessed bunches,