Sunday, June 10, 2012

A hot, sunny day! 6-10

Kathy and I are both working on eating healthy and I think we both are doing pretty okay with it.  I am going to neighbors for dinner but since they serve healthy food, it will work out well.  We do dinner and a movie although I think we are still watching some Dr. Quinn medicine woman episodes.  It is what is currently on at the Hubel house.  I am making a yellow cake with frosting and raspberries on top for dessert.  I don't plan on actually having any, but since they feed me so often, I am bringing them the cake. Carolyn and Sean picked out the flavor and the fruit!

I am not sure if I have lost any weight yet, but these shorts are starting to feel a bit too big so it is a possibility.  Since I refuse to get on a scale, I will wait and see what happens.

I hope your weekend was as good as mine!  Oh - one of my lovely students is now coming back to me!!!!!  I miss that little one so much!


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