Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I lost count of days 6-5

I don't know how many days it is of eating healthy.  I am still doing pretty well.  I had my first day of actual therapy yesterday and I am a bit sorer than usual because of the therapy but I don't mind, it is a good kind of pain.  It means I used muscles that I didn't know could still work!  I go back tomorrow for my next session.  I am planning to do my exercises before bed tonight.  I hope to learn new ones tomorrow.  I have to also remember to bring my inhaler with me incase I accidentally do to much and cause an asthma attack.  There, I moved the inhaler from my room to my purse, just incase.  I do not expect an asthma attack while I am in therapy but hey, I suppose it is possible.

I am looking forward to therapy tomorrow.  I wonder how many new exercises I will learn.  Hmmmm, one never knows.


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