Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday 7-15

We grilled the steak today!!!!  Yes and we didn't burn it!  Yes, Brandon and I managed to use the Foreman grill to grill our steaks and they turned out perfect.  I was very pleased.  We also had asparagus (which I was so glad we didn't have to share with more than 2) and rice that we had cooked yesterday.  We made enough so we don't have to make anymore for a couple of days with just the two of us.

I was so frustrated earlier this evening.  I resigned up with netflix ready to watch an episode of a BBC series that I wanted to see.  First, well, I don't have the right Mac computer.  Yup, mine is too old.  Then I remember, ooh, I can watch them on my nook!  I was set only to find out that that series is no longer available for instant streaming.  I could just scream.  Now I am watching Rizzoli and Isles.  I do love that show so it is good that I am not done watching disc 2 season 3.  Thankfully!

Tomorrow I will find out if I have lost anymore weight because I have a doctor's appointment.  I decided that to avoid head games with the scale, I will only get weighed at the doctors.  I just know that I can go down that road so easily that I have to do what I can avoid it.  I have started to notice that I have lost some weight.  Because I wear skirts and dresses all the time instead of shorts or pants, it is harder to notice the weight lose, but I have started to notice a bit of a difference.  I just hope that more weight loss will make a bigger difference soon.  I have to get some clothes for fall but I won't get them until fall because I don't know what weight I will be at in the fall.

I am hoping to make a couple of skirts for fall in the fall with Lydia.  She really likes sewing so to sew with her or with Star would be a lot of fun.  I have some nice wool fabrics that will make good skirts for the winter.  It does get rather cold here.  I do need new little boots though because I don't have any that fit quite right.  I will see though because as I lose weight, my feet will lose weight in my feet too.


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