Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday 7-14

We had pizza again tonight.  I am doing well with that though because I can eat 2 pieces and be satisfied.  The only reason we had it was because they are left overs from last night.  We don't have it very often.  Yesterday was such a busy day that we had pizza instead of making dinner.  Most nights either Brandon, Heather B-T, or Bill cooks dinner.  I don't cook very often but sometimes I make a salad or something.

Since it has been a year since I have written in the blog, there have been major changes in the house.  First of all, my friends, Heather B-T and Bill, their 2 children along with with their 2 dogs have moved in.  It just made more sense for all of us to combine the households.  It really helps all of us.  It helped them and it helped me.  Their children, Acer and Calli are 8 and 13 and are wonderful children.  Right now, their nephew, Brandon is also living here for the summer.  He goes to Wayne State University and is on summer break.  Their dogs are Q and Maisy.  Q is Calli's guide dog.  While the question is still up in the air of whether or not Acer will get a guide dog, Calli is doing very well with Q.  He is a really nice dog and when he is not working, he is very playful.  He is 2 years old now.  Maisy is a handful.  She is 6 and a Brussels Griffon.  I love that little dog.  We are trying to teach her not to pee in the house as she does still do that.  She also sometimes poops in the house.  She is learning that she has to be invited in order to come up on our beds or the couch.  Maisy can no longer just jump up whenever she feels like it.  I think Maisy is doing better.  I never understood how people become so attached to their animals, but boy do I now!  I am very, very, very attached to Maisy!  I knew how sweet and wonderful dogs or pets in general could be, I just didn't know about the deep attachment that you can have.  Well, I have it.  Q is a good dog too but he spends most of his time with Calli as he is HER guide dog.  Next year she will be walking to school with him.  With him, she is very independent.

Well, this week will be interesting for food as Brandon and I are in charge of our meals.  Everyone else is gone for the next few days.  Tomorrow we are having rice, asparagus, and steak.  I know one night we will have some bousa (I don't know how to spell it), rice, and veggies, and another we will go to chipotle's since we both really like that food a lot.  I don't expect to go crazy over food with everyone gone because I can eat whatever I want whenever I want so there is no reason to go crazy.  I am doing really well with portions.  I eat my meal and then drink a glass of milk.  I wait a few minutes to see if I am hungry and want a bit more.  Mostly, I don't get seconds, but occasionally I do.  I am pretty happy about eating proper portions now.  If I go out to eat, I cut the plate in half and then eat 1/2 before I see if I want more.  I also am drinking more milk these days.  I have a glass every night at dinner.  This helps with curbing hungry.  I no longer take the medicine that made me gain weight.  The medicine I take now for headaches actually has the side effect of weight loss and less appetite.  I don't mind those kind of side effects.  I am not sure if it the side effects or if it a mixture of both the side effects and my eating properly and watching my portions.  I don't know and right now, I don't really care.  I have lost weight and on Tuesday, I will find out if I have lost more or gained any.

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