Monday, October 17, 2011

middle of the month

I can't believe it is the 17th.  I went to the 25th reunion on Saturday.  Yes, I had BIG plans to be much lighter for the reunion but that didn't happen.  I do feel a bit better as far as my eating is doing.  As for exercise, well, that isn't going so good right now because my left hip and back have been a bit bad.  I do hope that the family room and the dining room will be put back into order shortly and then I will have the machine upstairs where I can use it everyday.  I do hope that I will exercise more soon.  I was doing pretty well even with the machine downstairs.  My friend's brother and husband put up the railings for the downstairs!  It is so much easier to go up and down the stairs this way!


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  1. Looks like everyone had a blast at the reunion. Maybe I will be able to go next time too. This year has just been one of those years. Too much money spent that wasn't expected, and too much time had to be taken off of work that wasn't expected either. But next year will be has to be. Is the next reunion in 5 years?