Saturday, October 22, 2011


I love Chili!  My mom used to make the best kind when I was young.  Once I started to do the cooking ain the house, she would teach me a new recipe every Sunday.  (I started cooking at about 8 or 9 years old)  Since Mom was working 2 and sometimes 3 jobs, it was necessary that my brothers and I be a team with her and work together.  The boys did the outside work and I did the inside work.  I hated working outside and didn't mind the inside work at all so this worked out well.  I am making me some chili tonight.  I have fresh mushrooms, tomatoes, turkey sausage (I usually use either hamburger or turkeyburger, but for some reason sausage was calling my name) and everything else you put in chili.  I use one of those seasoning packets for the seasoning.  That is what mom used to use too.  Certain foods make me think of her more than others.  I meant to pull a roast out of the freezer for tomorrow, but I forgot to do that so no roast tomorrow.  Sundays are great for roasts because I have to get up early for church and I can have to roast simmer all day in the crock pot!  Unfortunately, the roasts are all frozen solid  so no roast tomorrow!  Next week!



  1. Now I am hungry for roast! Hee Hee! I have one in the freezer. I think I will thaw it out and put it in the crock pot for Monday night dinner.

  2. Yes, I am hungry for a roast too! The chili sounds great for a fall day...thank you Heather for stopping by, just figured out if I try to comment in the Firefox browser, I can..I can't seem to on your blog with Internet Explorer..I am not smart enough to figure out why, I just can' glad that Firefox lets me! Have a great week!