Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday 11-14

On the once a month Monday I have my girls, eating lunch is always an interesting treat.  I do not get out of bed in time to make myself something, like a bowl of cereal or a sandwich, no I have to wait until the last possible moment to wake up and rush to get going so I end up running through a drive through.  I must stop this behavior, not only on this once a month day, but also on Sunday.  I nearly passed out at church again because I did not have a good breakfast and we are under bright lights during the practice and the service.  I ended up mouthing the words because I didn't have the energy to sing.  Yes, this is ALL MY fault!  I won't be doing this again on a Sunday.  For dinner I have a nice sub from Jimmy Johns.  I don't eat there very often so when i go to my girls house I usually stop and get one for later on in the day.  I get the turkey sandwich without the sprouts but with the lettuce and tomato and mayo on it.  Often I have them add cheese.  I am going to do better this coming weekend for the Sunday breakfast.  I know it means getting up 15 minutes earlier but it will be way worth it when I don't practically pass out in church.  I can be so silly sometimes!  Anyways, I am looking forward to having a nice healthy sub for dinner (no, I did NOT get chips or cookies!).  I hope you are having a good day too!


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