Saturday, July 23, 2011

Late Start

I woke up extremely late today.  I had Chipotle for dinner and I plan on having a soup or something like that if I am hungry later.  I am very tired, as usual.  I will need to go and get some more fruit later this week as I am almost out of grapes and other fruits.  since I know have good tummy medicine, I am able to eat fruit again.  I am happy about that.

So far, I am doing okay, not great at eating healthy.  I have healthy food in the house, but I do still find myself going through the drive through of the fast foods, but not every day like I was.  i also went to Tim Horton's to meet my friend, Wendy this week and I did pretty well!  I did not have a donut!  I didn't even want one.  I am happy about that.

I hope for another week of focusing on eating healthy.  I am sort of happy with how I am doing, i could be doing better and that is what I plan for this week.


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  1. By any chance do you take B-12? When I take it, it makes me extremely tired, when I don't take it I get my energy back and keep it.