Sunday, July 10, 2011

better eating days

Yesterday and today were definitely better eating days.  I wanted something sweet yesterday and I instantly headed to the grapes!  I made a bowl of grapes and felt so much better eating them than I did eating the box of cookies.  It felt really good to know that I didn't even have to think about the choice, I just did it.  Today I went to Chipotle's and got one of the burrito bowls.  I always get more veggies on it than anything else.  I am glad about that.  Once a week, I will go and get take out, but other than that, I will eat here at home where I have plenty of food to eat that is healthy for me.

All in all, the grape incident really has made me very happy.  I hope to continue this pattern.


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  1. Hey there! Well, if you have to eat out - you couldn't've picked a better place! I LOVE CHIPOTLES! I get a veggie burrito but I am bad cause I like it in the tortilla. My husband gets the bowls. It lasts me two days!
    Warning on carbs - if you gotta have them, make sure they are brown not white. Brown Rice, whole wheat bread, sweet potatoes or yams - etc.
    Good Girl! I am so proud of you! You are dong a great job! And exercising too. That is part I am horrible at. My feet just kill me, so I don't walk any more. Plus I'm so tired after work...I know, excuses excuses.
    Hang in there and if you are ever feeling like you are going to fall off the wagon, Email me! And remember - sometimes one bite - maybe two will cure a crave. You have to learn to THROW FOOD AWAY! Take those two bites, satisfy your craving and then stuff it down the garbage disposal! QUICKLY! And when you grocery shop - don't go down the isles. Stay on the perimeter. The isles are the "fat" in the market. Produce, meat and dairy are always on the perimeter. Only go down the paper goods isle. It's pretty safe. :) AND NEVER GO GROCERY SHOPPING HUNGRY! You'll buy everything you see.
    Keep us posted!
    HAGE! Karen