Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August Grocery shopping!

I made a list and pretty much stuck to it.  I only bought 2 things off the list, a box of teddy grahams and fruit because I forgot to put both on the list.  I was also very excited because they had fresh corned beef again!!!  I picked up one and will be cooking it tomorrow for tomorrows dinner.  I ran out of fresh fruit yesterday so why that was not on my list, I have no idea but I have grapes, bananas, and blueberries!  I love those 3 fruits best.

I haven't made an actual menu but I did have a mental idea of what I am going to make these next few days.  I picked up some fresh hamburger for a pasta meal and I also have some turkey sausage for spaghetti in addition to the corned beef.  I didn't buy any chicken because I have 2 packages of chicken in the freezer so I don't need any of that right now.  I have fresh milk and for the 2nd time this summer, I managed to finish the 1/2 gallon before it was expired!  That was important because I am trying to drink at least 8 oz of milk a day because of the nutrition in it.  I can't take a multivitamin because of the coumedin medicine for my blood so I have to make sure I have the proper nutrition with food and boy that is a hard one for me.  I only eat about 2 meals a day because I am not that hungry during the day.  I try to eat the bigger meal for brunch so that dinner is a light affair instead of heavy meal as it is sometimes rather late like around 7 or 8 because of lessons.  That is how it will be this evening but I am planning to have a bowl of cereal for dinner because I had a bigger lunch around 2 pm.

I have a new planner for next year.  I think maybe I should get one more for planning meals.  I will see if that will be necessary.  I am not sure right now.  I will decide in the next week or two about that.

Anyways, I am rather pleased that I stuck mostly to my list.  It sure made shopping tons easier.  I also didn't buy precooked meat like the Hormel meals, I bought the regular stuff you need to cook yourself instead of just heating it up.  One, it is much cheaper, and two, it is healthier and you get more servings out of it then the precooked stuff so all in all a good shopping trip!  Now on to a lesson in a short bit!


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  1. Heather, eating only 2 meals a day is diet suicide. You really need to be eating 5-7 little snack size meals a day, to up your metabolism. And you should be drinking 8 - 8oz glsses of water each day too. In all those little meals you should have about 10 servings of fruits and veggies too.