Monday, August 29, 2011

a new month is about to start

I am looking forward to the start of a new month and new season.  I will go shopping this weekend and I have already started on the list.  I don't have any plans for the Holiday weekend.  I am not going to go any where either but that is okay.  I will probably teach a few lessons, and maybe reschedule a few that can't have their lessons on Monday.

I have a new planner to keep better track of what I eat.  I also am using menus for some of the days.  I don't always stick to it, but I do at least try.  I will be taking my indoor grill to the appliance repair store because I need a metal bar for the element to sit on.  For some reason, it is missing.  I don't think it came with it.  It hasn't been used very much.  We wore the one Mom had out.  I love using it.  I also have a Foreman grill too but I like the indoor one better.  I also have some nice roasts that i will be cooking in the crock pot.  I love the crock pot too.


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