Monday, August 1, 2011

the beginning of August

I had Chipotle this afternoon.  Tomorrow I will have chicken.  I will pull it out of the freezer shortly before I go to bed and put it in the fridge.  I am going to make my menus tomorrow in the afternoon between lessons.  I have to look at the freezer to see what all i have.  I will do my grocery shopping later this week.  I have to pick up some milk tomorrow though because I am out.  I want to cook the corned beef that is in the freezer this week.  I will pick up some cabbage, I have the potatoes.  I love corned beef.  I bought it in March right around St. Patrick's Day.  It is about the only time of year they have it unlike in Ireland when they can get it all year round.  I wish we could here too.  I also have nice Cornish hens to cook in the crock-pot too.  I love my crock-pot.  I just now need a spaghetti pot.  the pots I have are not big enough to cook spaghetti in, but other pastas are okay.  I also got some nice pasta sauce for this week.

I hope to have a good week's worth of menus by tomorrow evening and plans for the shopping trip.  I hate grocery shopping without a list.  I never come out with just the 1 or 2 items I planned on buying.  I always end up with more stuff.  I am trying to only go and get what is on my list now.  So far, it hasn't been too bad, I have been able to do that a few times last month.  This month my goal is to shop only with lists and stick to it.  I think I can do it.


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  1. Good plan. You gotta stick to the list.
    If you have an iPhone, they have some great list apps, so you never forget your list again.
    I love corned beef and cabbage! And I was just looking at a new recipe for cornish game hens last night but it was sooooo much work - I ruled it out.
    We went to my friend Joy's house for a wine tasting party last Saturday night and had a great time. There are 5 couples and now we are each going to take a season to host at our own homes. I love Fall so I am next. I know I am planning really early, but if I find a new recipe I have to try it out a few times. Besides I love having parties, and I love cooking so what the heck!
    Talk to you soon! Karen