Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 2

I had my blood test and then I went to Tim Horton's.  I used to go everyday when Momma was here.  I also used to get a donut everyday too.  I never used too and then one day I started too and didn't stop.  I don't know what possessed me to get into that habit, but I did.  This is the 2nd day that I did NOT get a donut.  I got a medium pop, which is smaller than I used to.  Next time I will get a small.  I got 2 bagels toasted with NO butter, which is also a departure from what I used to do.  One time they accidentally toasted it with butter and I was hooked.  I actually like the way they taste plain too and actually it is less messy with a better taste.  I remembered that when I went.  I am not sure about dinner but it will be some meat, vegetable, and maybe a potato depending on how hungry I am.  I am not really that hungry right now, so I don't know.  I have not exercised today.  I also forgot to last night before I went to bed because I was so angry at the phone message I received.  Some people are filled with a lot of nerve, that is for sure.  I am not checking messages if that person calls again tonight.  I do hope they don't.  they just don't understand I am not interested.

Anyways, it is a good day so far.  I don't know how Kathy is doing today.  It is too late to call her and find out as she would be getting ready for work by now not to mention feeding the family.  I will talk to her tomorrow instead!  I have one lesson left for the evening then I will just relax and watch some TV before exercising and going to bed.


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  1. Good for you, and exercise while watching TV, and you will do more without realizing you did it.