Monday, June 20, 2011


I had an okay day.  I had a special K protein bar for brunch.  I do go and get a diet coke to drink but I didn't get any fast food so I am very happy about that.  For dinner I had 2 lean pockets Pizza type.  It was yummy and they were the lean pockets not the regular so they are healthier for me.

I didn't do any exercise today.  I am feeling very weak and tired today.  I am not sure why but I am.  I am just very exhausted today.

I hope tomorrow is a better day.


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  1. OK, I am going to sound like a Mom here. You sound like you are starving yourself. You need to diet in baby steps. Start eating healthy - fresh fruit and veggies, lean chicken and fish, no fried foods. Switch to mayo made with olive oil and light sour cream. Get used to looking at your plate FULL of healthy food. Experiment with different recipes. But don't just start eating bars and lean cuisine. You may lose weight on them, but once you try eating "normal again" it'll come back on.
    NO FRUIT AT NIGHT! It just sits and turns to sugar.
    Ok, I'll shut up now....
    Good Girl! I am so proud of you! What you are doing for yourself is NECESSARY and AWESOME! Exercise is hard, but even if you just start at 15 mins of walking a day - that's 15 minutes more than you did yesterday.
    Keep it up. I want to hear progress reports! :)
    Hugs. Karen