Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The beginning

Today is the start of a new lifestyle for me.  I am going to really work on eating right and exercising more.  I can't do a whole lot of exercising right now, but I can do a few minutes so that is what I will do.  I will do what i can a bit everyday and then it has to add up eventually right?  The doctor says to focus on exercise every other day so that the muscles have a chance to repair themselves with a day in between so that is what I am going to do.  With the Fibro, exercise can get tricky.  Yes, it is a vital part of learning to live with fibro, but over doing it would set me back so far that it would take so long to get back to what I can do.  I can do better with food.  That is one of my downfalls now.  It really is.  I like to get out of the house everyday so I find myself going to get lunch when I am out.  Well, no more or at least not so much and it will be planned from now on.  I use my planner for everything else, why not for this too?  So tonight's dinner will be chicken, veggies, and yummy fresh blue berries for dessert!  I love blue berries and am thrilled that it is finally in season for them (somewhat in season anyway)  I also have yummy red potato for dinner too as I bought a bunch of them.  I have a lovely George Foreman grill that I can use.  I have a farbarware grill to but it needs a piece before I can use it.  I love using that too.  I have nice seasons that I can use to season the chicken with.  For brunches I have yogurt and cereal so I won't need to go out.  I actually don't go and get the food for the need of the food, it is to just get out of the house.  From now on, when I need to get out of the house, I will take a book and go and get a pop.  That really is all I want from the restaurants anyways, I just add the food for the convenience.  Not a good habit I am in and it will take strength to get out of it.  But with Kathy and my friend's help, I can do this.  I did good today as I went to Tim Horton's to meet Robin for lunch and I didn't get a donut!!!  nope, I got good soup and a healthy sandwich with a smaller than usual size pop.  I did very well!  I got a medium pop so that I won't overload on the caffeine like I often do.  It is something that I will be working on day to day.  I will lose the unwanted pounds that I have.

Yesterday, at the arthritis doctor she asked me if I had considered getting something drastic done for my weight.  I had considered surgery but because of the blood disorder, I am not a good candidate for it.  Part of me was relieved that I am not and part of me was not.  Either way, with surgery or not, you have to eat sensibly, so I will just begin to eat sensibly!  I have wonderful DVDs for exercise when I get to the point I can do them.  Right now I will use the awesome Elliptical machine I have.  It is the only exercise equipment I will keep in the family room, the rest will be sold or donated.  I like the Elliptical machine so that is the one I will keep.  After dinner, before bed I will go and do a few minutes of it.  I also am hopeful that by using the machine before bed, I will tire myself out and it will help me sleep.  That is my goal.  Maybe by exercising before bed will help me sleep better.  I can only try!  I have not set an actual pound amount I want to lose by a certain date, I feel that will set me up for failure if I don't lose as fast as I think I should.  I have a lot of weight to lose so I am just going to be happy with any amount at any time that I lose.  For me, I feel this would be less stress and help me stay on track better.  I have done the other way with so many diets before, that they have completely failed making me feel like a failure and depressing me so I am not going to be weighing myself continuously like before.  I am going to take my time and just work on eating sensibly and adding in the exercise.  This is day 1.  I am feeling very positive about this!


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  1. Go Heather Go!!! I know you can do it. Also look up how diabetics eat, because you can eat like them, and it will also help you lose the weight you want to. The biggest thing is to cut down the sugar. Every other time you go out, get water with lemon instead of a pop, you will notice the difference, and eventually cut out pop all together. That is my first pointer, I will give you more along the way. ~Ann Marie~